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MARK Compressors

Mark TM Series

MARK Tank Mounted Series

Fixed speed control – Load-unload regulation

A load/unload compressor delivers a constant air capacity. The regulation of the flow is assured by an inlet valve installed on the element air intake. This valve closes the intake when the unload pressure is achieved switching the compressor to an unloading cycle. When the network pressure drops to the load pressure level, the valve opens and the compressor starts the load cycle.

Variable speed control – Frequency-driven regulation (IVR)

Energy costs for compressors can represent more than 70 % of the life cycle costs. Using our MSB IVR you can reduce these costs by up to 30 % thanks to the variable speed technology. The MSB IVR motor speed is modulated by a frequency converter in order to have a constant net pressure value and adjust the air supply to your air demand.

MARK Compressors

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MARK MSS Series – Belt-driven screw compressor

MARK MSS Series – Belt-driven screw compressor

Easy maintenance and reliability

Regardless if you’re looking for a 4 kW or a 15 kW screw air compressor, you can rest assured that MARK screw compressors are reliable for increased productivity as well as easy to maintain, which means longer service intervals and reduced maintenance cost potential.

Explore our Screw air compressors today

Find the right size and right type of screw compressor below. Regardless if you’re looking for a tank-mounted or a floor-mounted screw air compressor, MARK has the best-designed options for you. 

Screw compressors to suit all your requirements

If you’re looking for a 4kW or 75 kW screw compressor, you will find the perfect fit from MARK. With a high-efficiency screw element, with low noise levels and great reliability. In other words, you are bound to find just the size and type of screw compressor that will best suit your operations.

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MARK Air Dryer Series

Reliable supply of dry and clean compressed air

Atmospheric air always contains humidity. As a result of the compression process, condensate is generated and the compressed air is saturated. Any small variation of the operating temperature may cause new condensate which may cause damage to your air distribution system or the products the air is in contact with. Our MDX 4-840 refrigerant dryers have been developed to solve this problem. They remove the water vapor content in your compressed air, delivering dry air at a dew point of up to +3°C. Our standard MDS refrigerant dryers are equipped with a capacitive condensate drain, using electronic sensors to save energy and discharge only condensate without wasting any compressed air.

Intelligent drain discharge & control

Our dryers have a capacity starting from 0.36 kW. With an easy-to-operate on/off controller, a 3-in-1 heat exchanger, and a durable refrigerant with environment-friendly gases, we guarantee energy efficiency and longer runtime. Mark air dryers have ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 quality assurance.

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MARK Piston Compressors

Ironwind- Durability of Iron, Flow of Wind Ironwind -best suitable across all application ranges

A piston compressor consists of one or more cylinders with pistons driven by a motor. The air is sucked into the cylinder and then compressed, in one or more stages to the operational pressure. After compression, the compressed air passes through the after-cooler and continues on to the air tank. If you are looking for a heavy-duty belt-driven piston compressor – The ironwind range is THE choice for you.

Our piston air compressor products are made to deliver a reliable source of compressed air for every user. Our portfolio of reciprocating piston air compressor range from 3hp belt-driven compressors to large industrial cast iron compressors.

Explore our IronWind range of piston air compressors suitable for almost every application and benefit from our compact compressor installation.

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