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Refrigeration Compressors

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Models : Copeland Compressors, Bitzer Compressors, Accel Compressors, Voltas Compressors, Mycom Compressors, Trane Compressors, Gea Compressors, York Compressors, Frick Compressors, Kirloskar Compressors, Sporlan Compressors, Bock Compressors

Capacity : 1.5 Tr To 25 Tr

Maximum Pressure : 25 bar

Minimum Pressure : 11 bar

Range : 20kW to 1,200kW

Specification : Low noise, Light Weight, Variable Speed, Thermal Shut off, Sealing

Refrigeration Compressors

To choose the right compressor for a refrigeration application, the capacity should be considered temperature and pressure levels. That is because the volume occupied by refrigerant vapor molecules varies according to the temperatures and pressures within the system. Refrigeration Compressor spare parts, Refrigeration Compressor spares, Refrigeration Compressor parts, bitzer compressor parts, bitzer compressor spare parts, fridge compressor spare parts, ammonia compressor spare parts, copeland compressor spare parts, fridge compressor spares, bitzer compressor spares, copeland compressor spares, copeland compressor spare parts, accel compressor spares, accel compressor spare parts, voltas compressor spares, voltas compressor spare parts, mycom compressor spares, mycom compressor spare parts, trane compressor spares, trane compressor spare parts, GEA compressor spares, GEA compressor spare parts, york compressor spares, york compressor spare parts, frick compressor spares, frick compressor spare parts, kirloskar compressor spare parts, kirloskar compressor spares, sporlan compressor spares, sporlan compressor spare parts, bock compressor spares, bock compressor spare parts.

Types of single-acting compressors include,

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